Where will we meet in 2014?

From Murray Cox:
Where will we meet in 2014?: When we meet for our annual conference in April we will be deciding on the location of our 2014 conference, whcih will need to be a place where Lincoln walked. If you would like to have the conference at a location near to you, and are willing to organize it, please prepare a proposal for our consideration to vote on.

Life as Lincoln Film

—– The following message is from Lonn Pressnall.
 ‘Just a note to remind our members that the long-awaited DVD:  Life as Lincoln is now available.  One may order it atwww.LifeasLincolnfilm.com     Laying all subjectivity aside, I think it is successful and portrays our association in a very favorable light. The production crew  highlight many great moments in Washington, D.C. and Clinton, Maryland.  Several ALP members are interviewed at the end as to why they do what they do. Please pass along this info. to our members and Dean Dorrell.


Thanks for your help.

Your Obedient Servant,

A. Lincoln  aka  Lonn Pressnall

Questions for Abe

I’m working on a new program I’m going to call something like “Around the Pickle Barrel with Abe”. I’m going to set up a rocking chair and a pickle barrel with a sign inviting visitors to sit down and discuss (19th Century) politics, Lincoln’s life, the Civil War, etc.

I want to set out a list of starter questions to “prime the pump” so to speak. My question is, what are some of the more interesting questions you have been asked as Lincoln?

The most UNIQUE one I ever got was from a Kindergarten student who wanted to know if “…Mr. Lincoln’s hands (were) bigger than Michael Jordan’s?”

Dean Dorrell

The ALP community

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2003 Convention

A sample of what we can do.


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